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First Read: Numismatic Archaeology of North America: A Field Guide

On book authored by Dr. Marjorie H. Akin, Dr. James C. Bard and Kevin Akin. "Coins also mean something to the people that use them – so much so that they often travel far beyond the normal perimeters of their utility as facilitators of trade. Having a more scientific grasp of money’s anthropological aspects makes one a much better numismatist. Beyond the book’s dense chapters on American coins struck by the modern governments of Canada, the United States and Mexico, and coins brought here by immigrants from other countries, the book focuses on tokens, medals, paper money and shipwreck archaeology. All of this should interest numismatists. For archaeologists, there are chapters on the numismatic analysis of archaeological discoveries, materials, corrosion and proper cleaning methods, photography, and why it’s important for archaeologists to collaborate with numismatists going forward".

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